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A Message From Casey...

Hi Everyone, it's Casey!  Every so often, I like to share a touching moment on my blog that really reminds me just how much I love my job.   The other day, I received the nicest hand written letter in the mail from a patient of mine.  The fact that this person took the time to sit down and write me a letter means so much to me and it warms my heart.  It's so rewarding to work closely with each of my patients and it's a true honor to help each them achieve their desired goals.  The letter below is from a recent Kybella patient and is posted with permission.

Dear Casey,
Just a quick note to share with you my sincere gratitude for my Kybella treatment.  As you know, I was a little nervous about this and I really didn't know what to expect as this was my very first cosmetic procedure ever.  I was elated to discover that the actual procedure was surprisingly easy and rather pain free.  I experienced only minor discomfort for a few hours afterwards and I was even able to go ou…

Botox Injections: Purpose, Side Effects & Warnings

Along with the advent of normally aging skin, many of us begin to notice small wrinkles, laugh lines, crow’s feet, and perhaps a general fatigue in our facial expressions.  Botox (Botulinum Toxin) is the remedy that can help control and even reverse all the above conditions and return to each of us a more youthful and less stressed appearance.  Botox is safe and you can expect to see results in as little as 2-3 days (that can last up to 4 months).  Botox Santa Monica

Botox injections can be easily applied to treat the following:
1) forehead lines
2) facial wrinkles
3) crow’s feet
4) under eye sagging
5) laugh lines
6) indentations and mild scaring 
Possible side effects include:
1) minor swelling
2) minor headache
3) redness at the injection site
4) mild bruising
5) fever (in rare cases)
After your Botox treatment, please refrain from the following: 1) alcohol (for 6 hours after treatment) 2) looking downward or reclining (for 6 hours after treatment)
3) touching or massaging the treated area (for 24…

Cortisone Injections – A Quick Painless Treatment With No Downtime

If acne is a source of concern for you, be advised that there are new and effective treatments readily available that range from topical applications to injectables, all of which take direct aim at effectively treating severe acne.  Cortisone injections for acne is one of these solutions. With quick results and zero downtime, Cortisone has rapidly become a highly preferred and very desirable treatment for many acne sufferers.

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions regarding the treatment of acne via Cortisone Injections:
1. How does the Cortisone injection work?
Cortisone injections actively reduce the inflammation, swelling, and redness associated with normal acne. Kenalog (a potent anti-inflammatory) is injected directly into the cyst and noticeable improvement begins to occur in only a few hours. 
2.  When will I notice any results?  Cortisone injections are heralded as one of the quickest and most effective ways to treat acne. You can expect to notice marked results with…

Injectable Treatments For Acne (…And Then Some!)

No doubt, the growing amounts of stress and pressure from the ever-changing societal norms of today are taking their tolls on many individuals.As an unfortunate result, many common skin conditions that react unfavorably to stress (acne, rosacea, scaring, etc.) often become even more unsightly and frustrating, which naturally leads to further stress and unhappiness for the individual.A common myth that continues to exist is that acne, rosacea, and mild scarring are all permanent conditions with very few effective treatment options; the good news is that this myth is far from true. With recent enhancements in technology, there are some very encouraging treatment options available for the above.
What are acne injectables? The traditional approach to managing acne and rosacea (and scaring) has been via medicines, creams, powders, and scrubbing elements that promise to treat and lighten the affected area and to eventually bring back the original charm and luster of the face.  However, much …