Injectable Treatments For Acne (…And Then Some!)

No doubt, the growing amounts of stress and pressure from the ever-changing societal norms of today are taking their tolls on many individuals.  As an unfortunate result, many common skin conditions that react unfavorably to stress (acne, rosacea, scaring, etc.) often become even more unsightly and frustrating, which naturally leads to further stress and unhappiness for the individual.  A common myth that continues to exist is that acne, rosacea, and mild scarring are all permanent conditions with very few effective treatment options; the good news is that this myth is far from true. With recent enhancements in technology, there are some very encouraging treatment options available for the above.

What are acne injectables?
The traditional approach to managing acne and rosacea (and scaring) has been via medicines, creams, powders, and scrubbing elements that promise to treat and lighten the affected area and to eventually bring back the original charm and luster of the face.  However, much of this is usually proven to be in vain. On a positive note, a wide range of injectables are now available to treat many common skin issues.   Injectables that are carefully administered by a Cosmetic Injector and Skincare Professional have a much better track record of effectively dealing with Acne, Rosacea, and scaring compared to the traditional approach mentioned above.

Can injectables remove the acne and scaring completely?
In most situations, there will be a noticeably positive transformation from your pre-treatment skin compared to your post-treatment skin.  Before any treatment procedure, Casey will discuss and review your full treatment plan with you from top to bottom, which includes answering all questions you may have regarding your treatment.

Your cosmetic injector and skincare professional will correctly assess your individual situation and recommend a personalized treatment plan for you.  Casey Powell is highly experienced in the successful treatment of acne, rosacea, and various other conditions that are not only treatable by injection, but also may be easily treated with a variety of facials, lasers, and peels.   Casey will determine which approach is best for you given your individual situation and your personal goals.  You can visit Casey Powell PA at for a full listing of all procedures that she offers.  We look forward to hearing from you.  


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