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The Liquid or No-Surgery Face Lift - Casey Powell PA

Until recently, the term “Face Lift” was synonymous to an expensive invasive surgical procedure with long recovery, anaesthesia risks, and the possibility of post-surgical revisions.  A plastic surgeon was the only option for this procedure.  However, with the recent advancements in the nonsurgical aesthetic medical industry, the need for invasive facial surgery may very well become a thing of the past.

Nonsurgical options for improving the looks of our skin, lifting lax tissue and stimulating collagen can result in much better results compared to the old surgical face lift and are much less expensive in today’s world.  With the recent advances in Aesthetic Medicine, there are many options to consider before opting for the traditional surgical procedure (i.e. skincare, lasers, botox, the thread lift and, of course, injectables).  Facial Fillers have become the gold standard in producing dramatic results for many happy patients who wish to enhance their appearance without taking the inv…

Dermal Filler Injections To Correct Smile Lines And Laugh Lines

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness" - William Arthur Ward
A lifetime of frequent smiles is certainly a good thing and for many reasons.  Smiling is often equated to happiness, compassion, and a "life well lived."  Unfortunately, it can also take a minor toll on our faces.  Over the course of time, smile lines and laugh lines begin to form around the lip and mouth regions and eventually become prominent.  Should this condition ever become a concern, there are several simple filler procedures for the targeted areas that can help you.  

Men or women who begin to notice fine lines around their lips and mouth are the most eligible candidates for this treatment.  Your Skincare Professional will personally assess your situation and will select a filler that is best suited to treat your condition.  This treatment will refine those stubborn etched-in smile lines and laugh lines as well as vertical lip lines located above and around the lips.  Laugh Lines Fill…