Tips for Choosing the Right Cosmetic Injector

Given the explosive growth in the Aesthetic Medicine industry, finding a cosmetic injector who is right for you is often a delicate mission.  Unlike an occasional bad haircut or a fumbled mani/pedi, an inexperienced cosmetic injector can cause more trouble for a longer period of time and at a much greater financial cost to you.  Simple research has proven to be the key element in selecting the best cosmetic injector that is right for you. Here are some easy tips to help with your decision process:

1 – Credentials and Education:  Look up your cosmetic injector on the facility website – he/she should have a detailed biography that further elaborates on their qualifications, educational background, and depth of their experience.  All of this is an excellent starting point in making an informed decision.  

2 – Before/After Photos:  Look for photographic examples of their work via their facility website, especially for the procedure that you are desiring.  This will give you visual proof of their talent level and can help you decide if they are right for you.

3 – Research on Social Media:  Social Media review services (such as Google Reviews) can contain a wealth of information about your potential cosmetic injector, often including personality traits and office demeanor.  The more reviews that you read, the more information that you’ll have to make an informed decision.  Some platforms will allow you to ask direct questions to the reviewer, which is nice perk that will help in your decision. 

4 – Testimonials:  Many facilities have a testimonial page on their website where you can read about patient experiences.  Reading a testimonial from someone who received services can give you valuable perspective and knowledge which will help in your decision. 

5 – Schedule a Consultation:  There’s no better way to learn about someone than in a face to face meeting.   A visit to the facility before scheduling your procedure will give you a chance to meet your cosmetic injector in a face to face setting and ask questions.  Many cosmetic injectors include a complimentary consultation, so definitely take advantage of this.  

About Casey Powell PA
Casey Powell is a highly skilled Cosmetic Injector and Skincare Professional with a wealth of experience in Aesthetic Medicine. Casey has honed her aesthetic judgment through years of experience in the field of injectable neurotoxins, fillers and skincare. Casey has a proven track record of giving patients tighter, more youthful appearing and healthier skin. Casey will work closely with you to personally prepare a dedicated treatment plan consistent with your situation and your cosmetic goals. Please visit for a complete listing of all cosmetic services and to schedule a private consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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