Belotero Treatments - Frequently Asked Questions

Belotero is a hyaluronic acid filler than helps to smooth stubborn etched-in smile lines, vertical lip lines above and around the lips, and darkness and hollowing under the eyes. It can also be used to reduce scarring. Below are some frequent questions that patients often ask about Belotero:
Is Belotero the Same as Botox?
No, it is not.  Belotero acts much differently than Botox. For starters, Botox is a neurotoxin and Belotero is a filler. Belotero fills in areas of the skin and reduces the depth of lines, wrinkles and folds. With Belotero, the skin retains its flexibility with a natural appearance, feel, and mobility.

How does Belotero Differ from Other Fillers?
Belotero is designed to assimilate into the facial tissue. The process by which Belotero is created renders a soft gel with a cohesive consistency. Once Belotero is injected into the skin, it fills the treatment area and produces a nicely uniform smoothing effect. 

How Quickly Can I Expect Results with Belotero?
You will notice results immediately with Belotero.

How Long Does Belotero Last?
While results are different for each individual, you can expect Belotero to last for 6 months and even more. It also depends on the amount of Belotero injected as well as the treatment goals and lifestyle of the patient.

Are There Any Side Effects with Belotero?
You can expect the typical side effects that are associated with an injection site. Mild swelling, minor bruising, and light tenderness are all commonplace.  These side effects usually resolve fully within 7 days. 

Is There Any Downtime with Belotero?
There is no downtime associated with Belotero. Some people receive their Belotero treatments during their lunch hour and return to work afterwards with no issues. 
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